Select the Purposeify plan that best suits you! Our affordable options are crafted to guide you towards your dream career. Embrace your journey with the best prices and discover your true potential. Choose Purposeify and step confidently into a future filled with purpose and success.

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Best for students at the start of their career exploration, requiring initial guidance.


  • AI Career Recommendation: Utilizes student profiles to explore potential career paths.
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Designed for students and parents seeking a comprehensive package that offers detailed career insights, consistent academic support, and thorough performance evaluations.


  • AI Career Recommendation Tool: Full access to advanced features for detailed career insights.
  • Enhanced AI Tutoring: Offers in-depth exploration with 100 questions per day, ideal for comprehensive subject understanding. Access is available from 5am - 8am and 5pm - 10pm.
  • Exam Preparation with AI Tutor: Separate dedicated sessions focusing specifically on preparing students for their exams(coming soon).
  • Counselor Dashboard: Enables school counselors to review detailed reports on student career paths, aiding in tailored guidance.
  • Full Video Library Access: Comprehensive access to videos covering a wide range of career paths, supporting independent exploration or guided discussions with counselors.
  • Student Sponsorship: Each subscription contributes to sponsoring a student in Africa, promoting educational access and opportunities.

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